Project Description

The Magnificent Château de Versailles, exquisitely envisioned by “The Sun King” Louis XIV embodies French Glamour and Craftmanship at its best!

In our One Night, Two day Excursion from Paris we will introduce you to private rooms, well manicured Classic French Gardens, fun boat rides and the Royal Opera and Royal Chapel while our expert French Historian / Art Concierge illustrates our private visit with many Royal anecdotes that will bring that fascinating period to life!

Day 1

Upon our arrival from Paris and speed check in at our Elegant, Luxurious Hotel bordering the Château de Versailles and skipping the queue we will began our visit in the Private apartments of the French Kings: Louis XV and Louis XVI.

The Queen’s Apartments

And The Magnificent Hall of Mirrors…

After our visit we will indulge in Hors D’œuvres And Champagne before heading to an Enchanting Evening of “Les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes” with fireworks, classical music in the background and the Beautiful Statues in the Garden And Fountains illumination! (On Saturdays  and Sundays.)

We will include the Musical Show or The Royal Opera on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Day 2

After a scrumptious breakfast we will visit the highlights of the Gardens and our expert Art Concierge will give us a more detailed tour of the many Classical Greek and Roman statues, a stroll around The Orangerie, The English Garden, The French Gardens and Little Venice For a refreshing boat ride!

In Little Venice we will enjoy a delicious Classic French Lunch and after lunch discover “Le Petit Trianon” where Marie Antoinette relaxed, entertained her favourites, designed her luxurious wardrobe and recreated a dairy farm!

After an enchanting day we will delight in a delicious “pause” of French macarons and tea before returning to Paris!

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