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Maria Argyropoulina was a noblewoman from the Byzantine Imperial family, who cemented the union with the West through her marriage to Doge Giovanni Orseolo in 1004.
Maria moved from the splendour of the court of Constantinople to Venice.
She disdained to eat with her hands, and “brought her food to her mouth with a two-pronged gold instrument”. Her room
was incredibly perfumed with every kind of imaginable incense and aroma.

It was Catherine De’ Medici, daughter of Lorenzo il Magnifico, who, upon her marriage to Henry of Valois, Duke of Orléans in 1533, brought with her to the French court Renato Bianco, chemist, perfumer and alchemist, who excelled at introducing the art of perfume to France “René le Florentin”, and who was the first person to begin growing flowers and plants around Grasse. Today world renowned as the capital of Perfume!

Learn with us the Ancient Art of Master Perfumer that began in Venice introduced by an oriental princess who married a Venetian Doge.
Let’s embark on an exquisite journey from Venice to Florence and Grasse, with an optional extension to Paris, and gain a Perfume Certificate with our masterclasses and let’s travel to smell the Roses!
This 7 day itinerary in Venice, Florence and Grasse has been carefully curated to provide us with unique olfactory and learning experiences of the best of both cultures : Italian and French and our Concierges are local bilingual experts with art degrees and exquisite sensibility.
We will visit the Perfume museums in Venice, Florence, Grasse and the famous Dominican convent where it all began, and enjoy a beautiful Chianti estate to further enhance our olfactory senses and enjoy a glass of wine or two…
In Venice we will discover the secrets of the Oriental perfumers who brought their scents here and of the perfumed soap,  and visit the Museum of Perfume along with an interesting workshop of how the Venetian perfumes still differ from other regions while crafting our own perfume.
Our Burano glassmaker not only will show us how the  Burano glass is created, but will craft our own perfume bottles or we can choose amongst its fabulous creations which suits us best!
In Florence after a curated walking tour of the historical center we will visit the Dominican convent where it all began, learn more about their ancient techniques and earn our Italian Perfume certificate and create our own scent, from the  creation of potpourri to perfumes, from creams to soaps, from elixirs up to the candles and herbalist products we will be able to learn, create, discover and shop! 
We will also have the opportunity to be introduced to the elegant leather creations and Renaissance style jewellery that exists in Florence and shop at exclusive prices to Clausel Tours. 
In our day visit to Chianti we will see the highlights of Chianti and stay overnight In one of the best wine estates where we will take you behind the scenes for an adventure with an enologist to visit the wineyards, taste wine directly from the barrels, create your own blends, and then take home a bottle of your personal wine… and, if you are satisfied with the results, you can make a blend, age it on the estate and take possession of the entire barrel when the process is complete with our discounted prices!  
At the Chianti wine estate along a scenic walk we will discover olive groves, woods, wineyards, majestic cypress trees from the mid 800’s and admire a beautiful Italian lake and forest in a great balance between history, nature, wine and cheeses!
A true Italian experience that you will never forget! 
In Our visit to Grasse, a beautiful charming medieval town in Southern Provence, we will visit three main perfume houses that have defined the French perfume industry, explore the local history and create our own perfume in an exclusive monogrammed  bottle!
Grasse is known for its exquisite “May Rose“, a pale pink exquisite creation and for the fragrant jasmine that are at the core of many famous perfumes beginning with Channel No. 5.
All the great perfume houses : Dior, Chanel and Hermès have acquired their own flower fields to preserve the quality of their perfumes.
Our local tour guide will guide us through the charming pebble streets in Grasse and give us a local tour of the Cathedral and the French Provençal customs, local legends and introduce us to the local Provençal delicacies and wines in a beautiful Michelin Star restaurant and petit bistros.
Another incredible experience in Grasse is the Museum of Provençal Costumes where we will get to admire beautiful, well preserved dresses and linen.
And in our return to Nice we will stop for a few hours to visit Saint Paul de Vence and do a walking tour through its tiny, cobbled magical streets and admire the magnificent views from the hills and walls with their unique art galleries and where the magical charm of this ancient village will relax and enchant you!
All of our itineraries, carefully curated allow us to have enough time to relax and to shop at the best prices!!!
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Photos courtesy of Carmen Sirboiu and Claudia E Selva